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Uncovering the genes at the foundation of alcohol dependence

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One of 27 research centers funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, PARC focuses on uncovering the genetics of how the brain adapts to alcohol.

PARC supports the coordinated research efforts of 20 scientists at the Portland Veteran Affairs Medical Center and Oregon Health & Science University in areas ranging from behavioral neuroscience to molecular biology.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 22, 2013

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Summer Equity Research Program offers an exciting paid internship for undergraduate students interested in dentistry, medicine or  research to spend eight to ten weeks during the summer working with faculty and graduate students in a research and clinical setting. The program is only open to applicants who have experienced social or economic disadvantages.

Summary of Funded Projects in 2013 link here

New: Tamara J. Phillips, Marquam Hill Lecturer, 2012
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) recently honored Tamara Phillips, PARC Component Director, as a Marquam Hill Lecturer on biomedical research. The Marquam Hill Lecture Series honors the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Gray, co-founder of the Marquam Hill Steering Committee, a group of women community leaders who advocate for the public missions of OHSU throughout the state. Dr. Phillips' presentation on, "Unraveling Addiction Using Behavioral Genetics," may be viewed here.

New: Bonnie Nagel, 2012 RSA Young Investigator Award
The Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) recently honored Bonnie Nagel, PARC Pilot Project PI, by conferring the Young Investigator Award at the RSA 2012 annual meeting in San Francisco, California. The Young Investigator Award is given annually by the RSA Board of Directors to a young investigator who has demonstrated research excellence, potential to be a future leader and a commitment to the alcohol field. Dr. Nagel leads the
OHSU Developmental Brain Imaging Lab, which studies brain development in healthy and at-risk youth, in order to pursue better ways to prevent and treat substance abuse and mood disorders that emerge during adolescence. As a PARC Pilot Project PI, Dr. Nagel obtained preliminary data which led to her awarded R01, "Timing Effects of Heavy Alcohol Initiation on Adolescent Neurodevelopment." Previous OHSU and PARC-related recipients of this award are Tamara Phillips (1991), Deborah Finn (1995), Kari Buck (1997), and Amanda Roberts (2000).

New: Crabbe Receives 2012 RSA Seixas Award
The Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) recently honored John Crabbe, PARC Center Director, by conferring the 25th annual Seixas Award in San Francisco, California, June 27th, 2012. The Seixas Award is given by the RSA Board of Directors for distinguished service to the field of alcohol research. Dr. Crabbe, one of the world's leading experts in using animal genetic models to understand human dependence on alcohol, is a professor in OHSU's Behavioral Neuroscience Department and Senior Research Career Scientist at the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Through his more than 30 years of research, Dr. Crabbe has pioneered several genetic procedures to identify the genes and neurobiological mechanisms that underlie many alcohol-related behaviors, including tolerance and withdrawal. RSA is the premier scientific society in the United States which promotes communication among alcohol researchers to lead the way toward prevention and treatment of alcoholism.

Alcohol Symposium - September 2012
"Severity of Alcohol Withdrawal and Genetic Risk for Alcohol Dependence"
Session Summary link here
Sponsored in part by the Portland Alcohol Research Center (Portland, Oregon) and
the Charleston Alcohol Research Center (Charleston, South Carolina)

“Tell Your Story! A Media and Communications Guide for Scientists”
Strategies and practical tools to help scientists share their work effectively with the media and in presentations to the general public.
Freely available to all here

Supplemental data for Zheng et al.: Genomic coordinates (mm9) for strain specific splicing identified in the 8 Collaborative Cross founder strains
README Column Legend for Data Files – links to README_DataFilesColumnLegend.txt
129 Strain Specific Splicing
– links to StrainSpecificSplicing_129.txt
AJ Strain Specific Splicing
– links to StrainSpecificSplicing_AJ.txt
B6 Strain Specific Splicing
– links to StrainSpecificSplicing_B6.txt
CAST Strain Specific Splicing
– links to StrainSpecificSplicing_CAST.txt
NOD Strain Specific Splicing
– links to StrainSpecificSplicing_NOD.txt
NZO Strain Specific Splicing
– links to StrainSpecificSplicing_NZO.txt
PWK Strain Specific Splicing
– links to StrainSpecificSplicing_PWK.txt
WSB Strain Specific Splicing
– links to StrainSpecificSplicing_WSB.txt

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