PARC Research, Core, & Education Components

Core Component 1: Administrative Core
Center Director: John Crabbe
Scientific Director: Robert Hitzemann

Core Component 2: Animal and Phenotyping Core
Director: Tamara Phillips
Co-Directors: Pamela Metten, Deborah Finn, Suzanne Mitchell

Core Component 3: Molecular and Bioinformatics Core
Director: John Belknap
Co-Directors: Kari Buck, Shannon McWeeney, Robert Hitzemann,
Robert Searles

Education Component 4: Education and Outreach
Director: Mark Rutledge-Gorman
Co-Director: Chris Cunningham (Training)

Research Component 5: Genetics of the CRF System, Alcohol Dependence and Inhibition
PI: Andrey Ryabinin
Co-Is: Deborah Finn, Robert Hitzemann, Suzanne Mitchell, Tamara Phillips

Research Component 6: Chromosome 1 QTG Role in Ethanol Withdrawal, Preference and Impulsivity

PI: Kari Buck
Co-Is: John Belknap, John Crabbe, Robert Hitzemann, Tamara Phillips

Research Component 7: Ethanol Withdrawal, Consumption and Gene Networks
PI: Robert Hitzemann
Co-Is: John Belknap, Kari Buck, Tamara Phillips

Research Component 8: Genetic Interrelationships among Impulsivity, Ethanol Withdrawal and Withdrawal-induced Ethanol Consumption
PI: Suzanne Mitchell
Co-Is: John Crabbe, Deborah Finn

Research Component 9: Impulsivity and Prefrontal Cortical Mechanisms of Excessive Alcohol Self-Administration in Primates
Kathy Grant
Co-Is: John Crabbe, Chris Cunningham

Research Component 10: Pilot Projects
: Robert Hitzemann

by Mark Rutledge-Gorman
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