2014 Oral and poster presentation award winners

Below is a list of students who were recognized for exceptional oral or poster presentations. Students were evaluated on hypothesis, research approach, impact, layout/use of media, and presentation skills. The top 15 percent of presenters were selected for an award. Oral presentation winners receive a $150 cash prize and poster presentation winners receive a $75 cash prize.

Special thanks toall of our volunteer judges who evaluated over 100 student posters and presentations throughout the week.


Student oral presentation winners

Rebecca Hood

Mahnaz Janghorban

Casey James Ward

Josh Kaplan

Amy Marie Bittel

Vanessa Wakeling


Student poster presentation winners

Devin Wahlstrom

Mary Ann Jessee

Ellie Juarez

Derek Zachman

Chelsea Jenkins

Jacqueline Platta

Amy Rey Williams

Lauren Kruse

Heather McConnell

Rory Morgan

Wafaa Saeed BinAli

Erin Meermeier

Marilynn Chow


Ugly Data Contest winners

1st Place: John Harkness

Runners up:

Jeonghoon Choi

Lisa Vingara

Marie Foss


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