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Shared Resource Acknowledgement

Please remember to acknowledge use of the HSR in talks, posters, and publications which include data generated in the core lab.  The use of data generated in an OHSU core facility in a grant application, progress report or publication contains the implicit understanding that the PI or authors will acknowledge the use of the OHSU core facility.

Submitting Samples for Processing

Researchers must submit a Histopathology Shared Resource Work Request Form  with their specimens for any Histology and/or Immunohistochemistry Services. This form must be completed in order to process your request. Incomplete or incorrect information may cause delay in the processing of your order.

For additional information or questions, Contact Us.

Marquam Hill Drop Off and Pick-Up Location

The Histopathology Shared Resource offers a daily courier service for researchers located at OHSU Marquam Hill main campus.

Researchers are able to visit the Histopathology Shared Resource Specimen Drop-off and Pick-up location in Richard Jones Hall Room 1314 for specimen shipping to and from our laboratory located at Marquam Plaza (off-campus).

The Histopathology Shared Resource will also accept dropping off and picking up samples directly if the courier is not an option.

Please contact us for more information.