DNA Services Core: Sequencing, AFLP and Oligo Synthesis

The MMI DNA Services Core provides automated fluorescent "long read" capillary DNA sequence analysis, solid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis, and help with bioinformatics.


We are located in RJH 5330, around the corner from the Synapse & Java Junction. (Three "after hours" drop-off refrigerators for weekend and evening workaholics 8-)

We perform long-read (Sanger) DNA sequencing and fragment length analysis, aka genotyping. And we negotiated good prices from outside service providers for custom oligonucleotides.

We  consult on sequence assembly and other data processing, informatics, and database needs.

DNA sequencing & fragment analysis are accomplished with our state-of-the-art, Applied Biosystems 3730xl, 48 capillary fluorescence instrument. 

Several levels of service are available to match your needs and finances. Submit an on-line work-request.

We provide oligo design assistance and trouble-shooting of applications using oligonucleotides. We act as a store front for several synthesis sources. By pooling our orders we can get the best prices and services. Use the on-line workrequest for small orders. Batch orders of small scale oligo synthesis can be as low as 10¢ per base. Discounts on other products too. Check the Fees page for the new prices.

DNA Services Core Informational Flyer

Heads up ...

Richard Jones Hall / CROET building

Our new 48 capillary DNA sequencer was successfully installed. 

Please send me feedback on quality, length of read and turnaround time.

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Holiday Schedule

We are closed Thursday and Friday, May 1 and 2, 2014.

Happy birthday Mariah!

  Please give us samples early (before 10 AM on Wednesday, April 30th) to get your data that evening or you will have to wait 'till Monday the 5th   8-(



As we attempt to break even as a University Shared Resource, we may need to change our fees so revenues are approximately equal to expenses. Check About/Fees for our current rates.