OHSU Postdoctoral Fellows' Guide

A guide for all things postdoc-related, including general services, research resources, benefits information, and career development.


Use this website to find information on policies and benefits, career and research resources, and other information vital to postdoctoral fellows at OHSU.

Benefits News

  • View postdoc benefits plan changes that go into effect July 1, 2014.
  • Don't pay dual health fees! If you registered for any university class through the OHSU registrar, you may be assessed the student medical/dental premiums and the health fee. This is automated out of the registrar's office, so you will need to take a step to remove the fee. You'll need to complete a verification form and give it to the JBT Health and Wellness administrative office. Check the box at the top of verification form to indicate that you are a postdoc so the health fee can be removed from your student account.

If you have questions related to postdoc benefits, please contact postdocinfo@ohsu.edu or call 503 494-9954.