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Stem-cell-colony-with-Oct4-staining-2OHSU researchers Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Ph.D., and Hong Ma, M.D., Ph.D., with the Center for Embryonic Cell and Gene Therapy and the Oregon National Primate Research Center have developed a novel gene and stem cell technique for treating mitochondrial disease. Their findings, published in the July 15 issue of Nature, pave the way for treating many diseases caused by DNA mutations. Read more.

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Now showing: The real scientists of OHSU

What’s the best way to describe research at OHSU? Show it! 

Dozens of faculty and research staff from across the university participated in an extensive video shoot this summer complete with lights, camera and plenty of action.

The result? A distinctive video that showcases the university’s discoveries, people and culture along with a strong dose of Portland panache.

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