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Research Week 2016 consisted of four days full of events and activities celebrating the research taking place at OHSU. More than 400 participants took part this year, including five keynote speakers, 80 oral presenters, 124 poster presenters, 17 Three Minute Thesis competitors, 38 volunteers, 35 judges, and 24 industry professionals and School of Medicine alumni at career networking night.

The awards ceremony and reception brought the week to a celebratory close as OHSU leaders lauded the depth and breadth of this year’s programming and handed out awards to participants. See the list of this year’s award recipients.

Diversity in Research Fellowship

Promoting the diversity of the community of scholars in research at OHSU

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A cure for HIV: How does it work?

drlouispickerFor 15 years, Louis Picker, M.D., has been working on a vaccine to stop the spread of HIV, which affects more than 35 million people worldwide. The vaccine has proven effective in primate studies, and the next step is testing it on humans. With clinical trials set to start in 2016, Dr. Picker is moving full-steam ahead to stop the devastating disease from taking more lives. But how does the vaccine work? This video explains.

Embryonic Cell and Gene Therapy

We do genetic research to ease aging, restore mobility and stop family diseases.

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