Advisory Board

OHSU's Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences is restructuring it's President's Advisory Board and revising it's membership to better reflect it's broader mission reflected in it's new name.  Current members are being polled to determine their availability and interest in the changes.

Senator Lee Beyer
Oregon Senate

Mimi Casteel
Winegrower, General Manager
Bethel Heights

Karin Drake
Assistant Department Administrator, Occupational Health                                                                             
Kaiser Permanente Northwest
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses; Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Chuck Easterly
Loss Control Manager

Representative Bill Kennemer
Oregon House of Representatives

Leslie P. Lundberg
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

John Mohlis
Executive Secretary
Oregon Building Trades Council

Kathy Nishimoto
Vice President and Director of Human Resources

Marilyn Schuster
Deputy Administrator
Oregon OSHA

Ron Tubby
Senior Environmental Health & Safety Program Manager