Science Cafe Fall 2016 Speaker Series
Topics in Reproductive Biomedical Research 7:00 p.m. Free to the Public
PCC Willow Creek, 241 SW Edgeway, Beaverton (NW 185th near Baseline)
Willow Creek Max Station Hillsboro Line
Come early Terra Verde Cafe Open until 7 p.m.

October 4

Zika Virus Panel Discussion
Dan Streblow, PhD, VGTI, is identifying correlates of Zika pathogenesis and testing novel antivirals and vaccines. Jon Hennebold, PhD, is studying how Zika virus is transmitted from person to person. Peta Grigsby, PhD, isresearching how Zika virus causes microcephaly in the fetus.

October 11

Preventing Fetal Brain Injury
Meredith Kelleher, PhD
Prematurity, infection, and hypoxia may result in fetal brain injury and lifelong consequences for infants and their families. Dr. Kelleher is studying how neurosteroids, creatine, and antibiotic treatment protect the developing brainin preterm infants.

October 18

The Male Non-Hormonal Contraception Pill
Joe Tash, PhD, Kansas University Medical Center
Contraception options for men are limited. While the female birth control pill was approved by the FDA over 50 years ago, Dr. Tash will review how his lab developed the first male contraceptive candidate to gain FDA guidance forpreclinical and Phase I human trials.

October 25

Fertility Preservation in Women and Giant Pandas
Alison Ting, PhD
Young patients are surviving cancer, but cancer therapies can cause infertility. Dr. Ting has developed a technique to cryopreserve ovarian tissue for restoring fertility in cancer patients and has applied this technique to addressing low reproductive rates in giant pandas.