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Highlights from our last trip

OHSU Provost, Dr. Jeannette Mladenovic, signed an MOU with Mahidol University making Mahidol University OHSU's first and only sister institution allowing for exchanges in student, faculty and research across all schools.  

OHSU Dean of Medicine, Dr. Mark Richardson, visited Siriraj School of Medicine of Mahidol University and OHSU Dean of Nursing, Dr. Susan Bakewell-Sachs, visited the Mahidol School of Nursing.  The Provost also visited Mahidol University Faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy.

OHSU received an award from the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand for a creative partnership with Samitivej Children's hospital as a result of our pediatric collaboration.  Dr. Mladenovic met with US Ambassador to Thailand who was involved in granting this award.

We met with US Ambassador to Laos and the Minister of Health in Laos to clarify our strategy and next steps with the Lao American Nutrition Institute.  

We traveled to Mandalay with the Chair of the Casey Eye Institute, Dr. David Wilson, to solidify our support of their ophthalmology residency training program and develop our strategy to support the large free community eye hospital.   

OHSU Global Mahidol University signing
OHSU provost signing agreement with Mahidol University
OHSU Global Richarson Provost

At the first-year celebration of the pediatric collaboration,
OHSU and Samitivej receive an American Chamber of Commerce
in Thailand award for their creative partnership.

OHSU Global Provost at Eye Hospital

OHSU Provost Mladenovic meets a 72-year-old woman from India who walked for 22 days to receive free surgical care from the eye hospital in Myanmar.

Adventures in Assimilation

Blog : TheLandBetween

Welcome to "The Land Between", a personal perspective blog from Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (Laos).  The author, Joanna Cummings, is currently residing in Vientiane, Lao as part of her position at OHSU Global –SE Asia to build the first nutrition institute in Lao and train the first dietitians in the country.  She writes about events, culture, travel, customs, and other experiences as she learns the art of assimilation into the Lao way.