Study Coordinator Training Series

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) will be offering a series of classes for OHSU Study Coordinators. The classes are designed to provide study coordinators with working knowledge of OHSU research policies and operations. The goal is to further the development of highly skilled study coordinators at OHSU. 

  • Writing and Obtaining Informed Consent   Date: TBD
  • Essential Regulatory and Source Documents     Date: TBD
  • Analyzing and Implementing a Research Protocol    Date: TBD


  • Registration is open to all OHSU employees currently working as Research Coordinators, although previous completion of the Quarterly Clinical Research Coordinator Workshop is highly encouraged.
  • Workshops are limited to approximately 30-35 students and will be offered on a rotating basis.
  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and is through OHSU Compass.
  • For instructions to register in Compass click here.
  • 4 Nursing Continuing Education Credits will be available for the classes. The fee is $12.50, made payable to School of Nursing.

Writing and Obtaining Informed Consent

This 4 hour workshop is designed to provide guidance and practical tips for writing and obtaining informed consent from research participants.   The workshop involves lecture, examples, and an exercise on obtaining informed consent.

Class objectives include:

  • How to pull information from the protocol when writing the consent document
  • Choosing the appropriate liability language
  • Choosing the appropriate consent templates and HIPAA forms
  • How to obtain informed consents from a variety of study subjects (decisional impaired adults, child assent, adults with limited English proficiency)
  • Assessing subject understanding

Analyzing and Implementing a Research Protocol

This 4 hour workshop is designed to provide an in-depth discussion of the role the study coordinator plays in analyzing and implementing a research protocol at OHSU.  The workshop involves lecture, examples, and hands-on protocol analysis exercise.

  • How to identify key information in a research protocol
  • Differences between a clinical research protocol and a grant
  • How to identify safety procedures and distinguish standard of care from research
  • How to address logistical concerns (location, personnel, OHSU research forms)
  • Epic and research records

Essential Regulatory and Source Documents

This 4 hour workshop is designed to instruct study coordinators on the essential documentation needed for your regulatory and subject files while conducting a research study.   The workshop involves lecture, examples, and an exercise to help  identify common documentation errors.

Class objectives include:

  • What information is needed in your regulatory files
  • How to adequately record study data/adequate case histories
  • When to use “Notes to File”
  • Epic and research records

Previous Workshop Presentations

Presentations from previous workshops are available for reference: