Patients & Caregivers

Although ORCCAMIND does not see patients, there are several opportunities to participate as subjects in research studies.

For clinical information please visit the Neurology Wellness Clinic's website.

Subject Opportunities

Mindfulness Meditation in Chronic Stress

Principal Investigator: Barry Oken, M.D.

The OHSU Neurology department is looking for individuals to participate in a stress intervention study. The purpose of this study is to identify any changes to stress with 6-week one-on-one mindfulness meditation training. Participants must be 50-85 years old, without serious medical illness, within the Portland Metro area, and willing to attend three in-person assessments in addition to the meditation classes. Everyone in the study will be randomized to receive the meditation training after either the first or second assessment visit.

For more information or any questions, please contact Tabatha Memmott & Dan Klee at 503 494-5650. IRB#7364

Targeting self-control in cigarette smokers 

Principal Investigator: Laura Carim Todd, Ph.D.

The OHSU departments of Neurology and Behavioral Neuroscience are seeking smokers interested in quitting smoking, aged 18 or older, for a research study that will assess the impact of three behavioral interventions on self-control and smoking abstinence. The results of this study will be used to inform and create future smoking cessation treatments.

If you are eligible, you will receive $90 and a $10 gift card for completing the study. Through performance on one of the cognitive tasks you will be able to accumulate up to $5 more. You will receive and have access to all of the recorded materials associated with the behavioral interventions.

For more information contact Elena Goodrich at 503 494-7399 or Vanessa Wilson at 503 494-4610. IRB#10373