Conference Abstract Submission

Health Disparities Research at the Intersection of Race, 
Ethnicity, and Disability:
A National Conference 

On-Line Proposal Submission is CLOSED

Poster Session Guidelines:

A Poster session is a graphic presentation of authors' research. The authors illustrate their findings by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams and a small amount of text on the poster boards.  Authors will hold discussions with the registrants who are circulating among the poster boards. The author must remain by his/her poster board for the duration of the two hour session. If handouts are distributed, bring approximately 50 copies. Highlight the authors' names and address information in case the viewer is interested in contacting them for more information. It's also a good idea to bring business cards with you. No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.

Poster Board Information & Tips:

  • The author should prepare all materials in advance.
  • The poster board will be 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide, mounted on stands.
  • Thumbtacks will be available onsite for mounting the displays. 
  • A chair will be provided for each Poster Session presenter.
  • Posters may be set up ½ hour before the start of the session. Presentations should be taken down within 30 minutes after the session ends. Display materials not removed following the conclusion of the session will be discarded.
  • Materials should include the title of the presentation and the list of authors. Letters in the title should be at least 1 inch high. Bring all illustrations needed -- figures, tables, color photographs, charts. It may be helpful to consult an artist about the display.
  • The material should be well labeled and legible from a distance of 2 yards. Lettering should be bold. If you will be posting typed material, use a large font size (20 to 24 point font) on white, pale yellow or cream-colored non-glossy paper. Use 1-inch margins. Avoid use of fancy fonts. Use upper and lowercase letters. Simple serif fonts such as "Times New Roman" are easier to read than sans (without) serif fonts such as "Geneva".

Please note all presenters must register for the conference separately. Registration is open. Early registration rates apply through February 15, 2013.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the conference
We look forward to seeing you in Washington DC!