Research Development and Administration

What is RDA?

Research Development & Administration, or RDA, is the nerve center for managing research projects at OHSU. We provide:

  • Research funding and development services
  • Pre-award management and help with submitting proposals
  • Post-award management
  • Comparative medicine services
  • Clinical trials services and clinical trials billing
  • Collaborations with technology transfer
  • Research compliance tools

We strive to offer seamless services and transparent processes—and we advocate on behalf of OHSU researchers, helping to demonstrate their value to Oregon and beyond.



Access OHSU's Proposed Project Questionnaire (PPQ) and other Research Administration forms.



Use this site as a reference for research-related policies.



Find databases, distribution lists, and other resources for researchers.

Not sure where to start?

Check out the OHSU Investigator's Guide.

Proposed Project Questionnaire (PPQ)

As of January 1, 2013, all proposals submitted through Research Grants and Contracts require submission of an Electronic Proposed Project Questionnaire (ePPQ) in InfoEd.

Proposals routed through CTO, TTBD, and the IRB will retain the paper PPQ for the time being.

Research Administration Information Network (RAIN)

Stay up to date on the latest news from RDA.

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PI Eligiblity

Find out if you are eligible to be a PI on a grant at OHSU.

Grants, Contracts and Awards

Human, Animal and Biosafety Submissions