Plant Safety

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Plants beautify our homes. They add color and accent to our lawns and gardens. They feed us. Yet, if not handled properly, they can become deadly poisons.

Many plants are not poisonous. These plants are considered to be "good" plants to have around children. The ingestion of other kinds of plants may cause only mild symptoms. These plants may be considered "bad" because of their ability to result in unpleasant effects after exposure. Yet, there are many plants around us that can cause serious symptoms or even death if ingested in moderate amounts. These plants are considered to be "very bad."

Review the list of plants in the categories below. Many of these plants are not native to the Pacific Northwest. They may be transplants thriving in our northwest climate.

Please note that even non-toxic plants can block the airway of a child, and are therefore hazardous. Review Plant Poison Prevention Tips to be prepared for the unthinkable.

Toxic Plants 
Good - Non Toxic Plants
Bad - Mildly Toxic Plants
Very Bad - Very Toxic Plants


Call the poison center hotline number (1 800 222-1222) for all poison emergencies and questions. Calling our administration office or contact via the E-mail system is NOT a substitute for calling our phone center for poison HELP information