Care Coordination (CACOON)

The CaCoon (CAre COOrdinatioN) Program supports public health nurses across the state. CaCoon nurses offer home visits in which they provide families with information and skills to coordinate care for their children with complex health conditions. OCCYSHN provides ongoing specialized training and supervision to the nurses.

CONTACT LIST: CaCoon Contact Numbers by County  

Resources & Materials:

CaCoon Manual

CaCoon Universal Referral Form

EI Referral Algorithm

CaCoon Orientation Pt. 1

CaCoon Orientation Pt.2


Data & Analysis

Evidence-Based Outcomes for Serving Children with Special Health Needs

Medicaid Diagnosis Comparison between CSHN and CaCoon Services

Emergency Room Use Comparison between Medicaid CSHN and CaCoon Services

CaCoon Focus Group Executive Summary Dec 2012





What is the CaCoon Program?

The CaCoon program serves families with children from birth to age 21 who have (or are at risk or having) a chronic health condition or disability. CaCoon care coordination services are offered by public health nurses who are specially trained to care for children and youth with special health needs. Since family members have a central role in the care of their child, all services are planned around the desires and concerns of the family.


How Can a CaCoon Nurse Help My Family?

A CaCoon nurse works with your family and your child’s health care providers to do some or all of the following things:

  • Help you find information about your child’s condition
  • Screen your child for any concerns regarding development, nutrition, hearing, vision, or other health issues
  • Partner with you to advocate for your child and family
  • Help you family locate financial assistance to help pay for your child’s care
  • Refer you to parent or family support organizations
  • Refer you to local resources for early intervention - physical, occupational, speech, and preschool
  • Work with any other service providers to address your concerns


Who Can Use the CaCoon Program?

Families with children and young adults, from birth through age 20, who have chronic health conditions or disabilities. Eligibility is not tied to family income or insurance status. There is no charge to families.


Where Can I Get More Information about CaCoon?

If you would like information or resources about specialized health services and want to know more about CaCoon, contact your local health department and ask to speak with a CaCoon nurse. You can also contact the Oregon Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs office at:   

Phone:  503-494-8303
Email:  occyshn@ohsu.edu