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OHSU brings the region’s most comprehensive heart care to locations around the Portland metro area, Oregon and southwest Washington. With our community partners, expert heart care is always nearby. OHSU’s cardiovascular appointment line is 503 494-1775.

In the community

In Your Community

As part of Oregon's only academic health center, OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute is uniquely positioned to lead a statewide effort to create standards for heart health screening, treatment and prevention. With our regional clinical partners, we are working to set and implement statewide standards for heart care. We're also working on measures to improve public health and advocate for more health-conscious public and corporate policies. It's all part of caring for our community.

Hospital Collaborations

In addition to our two locations near downtown Portland, we are proud to collaborate with community hospitals throughout Oregon and southwest Washington. Learn More

ACHD Clinics Consultation

If you're an adult with congenital heart disease, you're not alone. Our doctors care for many patients with congenital heart disease, partnering with providers around the region to make sure you get the best care. 

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