Patient Care Coordination

Patient-Centered Approach

The OHSU Digestive Health Center makes delivering patient-centered care a priority. To help ensure this level of quality, each patient at the Center is assigned a “patient care coordinator."


Patient Care Coodinators Navigate the Patient Experience

Patient care coordinators serve as the primary point of contact for patients and referring physicians. They help provide access to system-wide services at the Digestive Health Center and OHSU as a whole.

For patients who don't live in the Portland area, coordinators work to ensure that services are provided for patients in their hometown.


Highly Trained Coordinators Add Value

Our coordinators are nurse practitioners with advanced degrees whose multiple competencies support the entire patient process. Their value-added contributions to the Digestive Health Center experience are numerous, including:

  • Quality management oversight for the entire process
  • Patient education
  • Resource coordination for patients and referring physicians
  • Long-term care management plans

OHSU Patient Care Coordinators:
Vicki Jakovec, R.N., M.N., A.C.N.P.; Donna Markey, R.N., M.N., A.C.N.P.; and Susan Schenk, R.N., M.N., A.N.P., C.D.E.

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