Contacting the Digestive Health Center

For more information on the digestive disease programs of OHSU, contact our patient care coordinators:

Patient Care Coordinators
Digestive Health Center
Phone: 503 494-4373
Fax: 503 418-4189


Mailing Address

OHSU Digestive Health Center
Mail Code CH6D
Oregon Health & Science University
3303 SW Bond Avenue
Portland, OR 97239


Patient Care Location

OHSU Physicians Pavilion
Third Floor, Suite 330
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239-3098


Patient Referral Process

To refer a patient to a physician at OHSU specializing in digestive disease, please call the 24-hour OHSU Consult Service at 800 245-6478, or the OHSU Digestive Health Center at 503 494-4373.


Patient Permission and Records Transfer

To expedite the referral process, mail or fax previous records and imaging studies, including actual films and pathology, directly to the OHSU Digestive Health Center. The fax number is: 503 418-4189. Reviewing records prior to patient appointment allows for  correct provide patient placement and also provides a more efficient and productive experience for our patient.

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