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CEI Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

John (Pei-Wen) Chiang, PhD, FACMG, Director of CEI Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

The Casey Eye Institute Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is a CLIA certified laboratory providing comprehensive molecular testing for genetic diseases involving the eye.  Our mission is to identify causative genetic mutation(s) in a timely and cost effective manner.

We would like to share our philosophy and service delivery model. In essence, client satisfaction is our core value and purpose.

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Lab Announcements

Retinal Dystrophy NGS Panel and Array CGH arrives at Casey Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory

At Casey Molecular Diagnostic laboratory, we are determined to provide the best values, the best products and the best services to our clients.  Clinical utility is in our DNA.  Our NGS testing combines the specificity of PCR enrichment and the sequencing power of Illumina MiSeq.  In order to improve mutation detection rate, we have expanded our RP panel by including more genes.  This new Retinal Dystrophy NGS Panel offers comprehensive testing for most non-syndromic genes and some syndromic genes associated with retinal dystrophy.

We have also developed an array CGH based assay for the detection of indel mutations of eye genes.  Our initial results are very encouraging.  Several EYS indel mutations were identified and confirmed.  Indel mutations were also identified and confirmed in RPGRIP1 and in ABCA4.  Because of the high density of probes on array, the range of aberrations can be defined with great certainty.  We can confirm most indel mutations with our expertise in PCR and gel electrophoresis.  If necessary, TaqMan qPCR can also be run to confirm indel mutations. 

With these two exciting additions to our laboratory, we are confident and eager to serve our clients and to help provide the best possible care for patients around the world.

New offers

In honor of sequencing over 500 people in our Stargardt / Macular Dystrophy NGS Panel, we are reducing the price of the panel to $500 and expanding the panel to include eight genes in total:  ABCA4, BEST1, EFEMP1, ELOVL4, IMPG1, IMPG2, PROM1, and RDS.  Our new "Lab On A Chip" system incorporates cutting-edge technology with our expertise in PCR enrichment to offer the most comprehensive Stargardt / Macular Dystrophy testing available today.

Tier I testing - NGS of retinal dystrophy genes (128 genes; $2,500)

Tier II testing - Array CGH analysis of eye genes ($650)

For clients ordering both Tier I and Tier II testing (when indel mutations are identified), we offer free parental testing to confirm indel mutations by either PCR and gel electrophoresis or by TaqMan qPCR.



For nearly three years, Troy and Jennifer Stevens struggled to learn the identity of the gene responsible for their son Gavin’s blindness.  Although doctors were able to diagnose him with Leber congenital amaurosis – a rare form of inherited childhood blindness – the first round of genetic testing could not pinpoint the defective gene.

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John (Pei-Wen) Chiang, PhD, FACMG
Assistant Professor

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