Research at the OHSU Brain InstituteDavid Grayson

Neuroscience research at the OHSU Brain Institute spans across departments and disciplines. From basic science to clinical interventions, our scientists are at the forefront of translating research into healing. Below are just a few examples of how OBI is on the cutting edge of neuroscience.

Centers and Institutes

Advanced Imaging Research Center 

Casey Eye Institute

Institute on Development and Disability

Jungers Center for Neuroscience Research

Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center

  • Research themes include Impulsivity, Stressor Responsivity, Neuroanatomy of methamphetamine's effect, and Neuroadaptation to methamphetamine

National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR)

  • NCRAR's mission is to improve the quality of life of Veterans and others with hearing and balance problems through clinical research, technology development, and education that leads to better patient care.

Oregon Hearing Research Center

Oregon National Primate Research Center

Oregon Institute on Occupational Health

Portland Alcohol Research Center

Vollum Institute

School of Dentistry

Integrative Biosciences

School of Medicine

Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Behavioral Neuroscience

Biomedical Engineering

Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology


Neurological Surgery


Physiology and Pharmacology