Student Medical Insurance

2017-2018 Insurance Information


OHSU requires all eligible students to carry comparable medical health insurance.  All eligible students will be automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan and have the student health insurance plan premium billed to their student account unless they have other comparable coverage AND complete and are approved for a SHIP waiver by the deadline.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, OHSU has partnered with PacificSource to offer its University Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan.  For students with other comparable health coverage, an insurance waiver application is available. 

Questions about the medial plan and medical waiver? 

You can contact the OHSU Human Resources Benefits Office as they are now the main contact for all questions related to the Student Health Insurance Plan. Please contact them at or by calling 503-494-7617 Option 4 if you have any questions about the waiver application process, plan costs, coverage information, help with claims and billing, assistance contacting Wells Fargo or PacificSource, and anything else that comes up regarding the SHIP.


Enrollment Periods/Costs

NEW Summer A students will be on the 2016-2017 plan.

Student insurance for Summer A covers 6/15/17-9/21/17 at $952.79.

2017 – 2018
Summer B (August) NEW Students ONLY

NEW and Returning Students

Winter Spring/Summer 

Spring Only**

Summer A (June) NEW Students ONLY
Medical Rates  (includes vision)8/1/17- 9/21/179/22/17-1/7/181/8/18-4/1/18
Student Fees$558.68$1,311.11$1,311.11$1,311.11$953.93$1,059.95


Plan Details

Student Medical Insurance Brochure-See PDF

Student Dental Insurance Brochure-See PDF

Student Health Insurance Highlight Sheet-See PDF

For 2016-2017 Insurance Information, click here

Qualifying Event & Graduation

Loss Of Coverage

Eligible students who involuntarily lose coverage under another group insurance plan are also eligible to purchase the OHSU Student Health Insurance Plan. These students must provide Wells Fargo Insurance with proof that they have lost insurance through another group (certificate and letter of ineligibility) within 30 days of the qualifying event. Students can contact Wells Fargo Insurance at (800) 853-5899, Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. The effective date would be the later of: a) term effective date, or b) the day after prior coverage ends if enrollment request is received within 31 days from loss of prior coverage.  Payment for that term's coverage would be provided directly to Wells Fargo.  


Students coverage dates are based on their term's enrollment dates and should refer to the enrollment period section above to determine when their coverage ends.  The termination of coverage will result in a "qualifying event" allowing for a special enrollment period through the federal healthcare exchange.  For more information on coverage options through the exchange or to learn about qualification for the special enrollment period, please visit the federal exchange website.  To obtain a certificate of coverage which indicates your dates of insurance coverage through the Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact Wells Fargo at (800) 853-5899 or your request.

Dependent Coverage

The University has free resources available to students to help navigate dependent coverage options on the health insurance marketplace.  To learn more, View PDF

Leave of Absence/Late Admit/Graduation

Leave Of Absence-University Approved

If leave is declared after the 100% refund deadline: the student will remain covered through the rest of the term coverage period and can elect one additional term of coverage (per academic career) if the LOA is an approved medical leave.  Enrollment and payment for this one term of medical leave coverage will be done directly through Wells Fargo Insurance Services.                                                                                                                                                         

If leave is declared prior to the 100% refund deadline: the student will not be covered for the term UNLESS it is an OHSU approved medical leave.  For those on an OHSU approved medical leave, they will have the option to enroll in the student health insurance plan for the current term only.  Enrollment and payment for the remainder of this term's coverage period will be done directly through Wells Fargo Insurance Services.  The student will NOT be able to elect an additional term of coverage.         

Previous enrollment in the prior term is required in order to qualify for a term of coverage for medical leave.  A maximum of one term of medical leave health insurance coverage will be granted during your academic career.

Students who qualify for medical leave of absence coverage MUST enroll within 31 DAYS from their leave date.


Late Admit 

Students that register after the 100% refund deadline will be enrolled in the whole term coverage period with backdated coverage from the start of this period.  If they wish to waive out of the SHIP, they will need to contact the JBT office upon registration for an alternative process. 


Students coverage with PacificSource will terminate at the end of the term coverage period.  PacificSource does not offer any type of continuation plan.  Students whose coverage comes to an end are eligible for a special enrollment period through the federal healthcare exchange due to the loss of coverage.  Students can find out more information by visiting the website