Student Insurance Plan

Eligibility And Enrollment

Your school-endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan offers you access to:

Aetna's nationwide network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and specialists throughout the country. An award-winning online secure member website, Aetna Navigator® Informed Health® Line – Our 24-hour toll-free number puts you in touch with experienced registered nurses and an audio library for information on thousands of health topics: Fitness Program, Alternative Health Care Programs, Weight Management Discounts, Zagat Survey® Healthy Dining, eDiets® , Mayo Clinic and many more! Travel Assistance Services and Worldwide Medical Coverage is also offered while traveling or studying abroad.  OHSU sponsors a student health and dental plan and makes it available to students who meet their respective program enrollment requirements.  To determine if your  respective school or program requires health insurance, please contact your school or program admissions department. 

You may also elect to enroll spouses, domestic partners and children on the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.

Enrollment is automatic at the start of your academic program. 
You can go to Aetna Student Health website to enroll dependents during open enrollment which will begin August 1st, 2014 for the 2014/2015 plan year and ends October 31st, 2014.  If you start your program prior to this date, please contact the JBT Health & Wellness Center for a paper application form.  Remember if you choose to insure your dependents, that you must enroll spouses, domestic partners and/or dependent children each year in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Program and re-enroll them annually thereafter.  Open enrollment is only available in the Fall and new students are allocated a 31 day window for dependent enrollment at the start of their program.  Otherwise, extenuating circumstances and/or a qualifying event (marriage, new baby, etc) require contact with the JBT Health & Wellness Center to enroll.

Spouses and domestic partners with the Aetna Student Health Insurance have access to JBT Primary and Behavioral Health services. 


Insurance Waivers

Students can apply to waive the university sponsored plan if they can demonstrate that their insurance plan meets the waiver requirements. For more information about Insurance Waivers Application, Deadlines, and Appeals - Learn More


2014/2015 Monthly Rates-Effective 8/1 for new students and 9/1 for returning (Distance and Local):

Aetna Student Insurance Rates

Portland Campus

14/15 Monthly Premium

*Adult dependents have access to JBT Primary and Behavioral Health services.

Non-Portland Area Campuses

Student ONLY

$ 295.09

$ 295.09

Spouse/Domestic Partner

$ 474.26*

$ 387.37


$ 223.71

$ 223.71


$ 697.38*

$ 610.40


The student health insurance plan benefits begin on the first day of the month in which your classes begin and end on the last day of the month in which you are no longer eligible for coverage as a student (i.e. graduate, withdraw, complete your degree program, leave OHSU, etc). For a detailed list of the full plan and benefits, please visit the Aetna Student Health Insurance Website - Full Plan Details.

Dental and Vision Insurance

All eligible students are required to maintain dental coverage.  You may apply to waive dental insurance if you can demonstrate equivalent dental coverage.  Waiver deadlines remain the same for dental as they do for medical. 
Please visit the Aetna Student Health Insurance website for more information on how to waive dental coverage.

Vision insurance is included as part of your major medical insurance while you are on the university sponsored student health insurance plan. It is not subject to the deductible.

Preventive Care

Preventive care services are covered 100% and comply with the US Preventive Services Task Force Guidelines, for Grade A and B recommendations. For an in depth look at the guidelines and recommendations, please visit the US Preventive Services Task Force .

Coverage includes screening for malignancies according to risk groups, as well as pap smears, STD checks in high risk groups and HPV vaccines completed through age 26. For further questions regarding insurance coverage questions call or visit the Aetna Student Health website.


Your student health insurance offers a prescription drug program through Aetna to make it convenient for you to fill your prescriptions. Find a Pharmacy, fill/refill a prescription, or get your prescriptions delivered right to your home.

Prescription Benefits through Aetna - Learn More

Helping you and your baby grow healthy — together you get the Beginning Right Maternity management program with your Aetna health benefits and insurance plan. The program is offered to you throughout your pregnancy, and even after your baby is born-View PDF

Travel Assistance

On Call International provides Worldwide protection.  Benefits can be accessed if you are 100+ miles from home and for international travel.  Assists with lost prescriptions and emergency medical/political risk/natural disaster evacuation.  For more details-View PDF



Students are insured year round (unless you have graduated, are taking a leave of absence or withdraw from your program). Your summer premiums are typically included in your winter and spring term bills unless your program specifies that attendance is required or your program is exempt. 

If you want to access the JBT Health & Wellness Center over the summer and are not enrolled, contact the JBT Health & Wellness Center to learn more.


On the Aetna Student Health plan, your insurance will insure you anywhere in the U.S.  Aetna has network providers available throughout the country.  If an Aetna provider is not available, go ahead and seek health care and contact the Aetna Student Health plan for billing arrangements. If you are traveling internationally and need care for an illness or injury, keep copies of all your health care bills as Aetna has provisions for reimbursement.  If you need to use the international evacuation insurance provided by Aetna, you must contact On-Call International (866.525.1596 or collect 1.603.328.1956) FIRST so that they can assist with arrangements.  If you purchase plane tickets first and then contact the carrier, you will not get reimbursed for the expense.


Please note that your insurance coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which you graduate.  

Leave of Absence