Our Team

Kerri Winters-Stone, Ph.D., F.A.C.S.M.Kerri Winters

Associate Professor, OHSU School of Nursing
Principal Investigator

An exercise physiologist by training, my expertise is on the use of physical activity to prevent and manage chronic disease. My studies have shown that cancer survivors can benefit from exercise that reverses treatment-related side effects and symptoms. Ultimately the goal of my work is to develop safe, targeted and effective exercise programs that translate well to community settings and clinical practice so that people can make positive lifestyle choices for better long-term health.

Jessica Dobek
Jessica Dobek, M.S.

Project Director – Exercise Intervention

Since obtaining my Master’s degree in exercise science in 2006, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work as a project director on multiple exercise intervention studies aimed at using exercise to improve symptoms and side effects from cancer and cancer treatment, ultimately improving quality of life for many cancer survivors.  Throughout these studies, I have seen firsthand what exercise can do for this population and am thrilled to continue working on these types of studies as long as possible!

Carolyn BorschCarolyn Borsch, M.P.H.

Research Assistant
Born and raised in Portland, I attended high school and college in the area and then pursued a Masters of Public Health degree in Boston, concentrating on chronic, non-infectious disease. Between classes, colorectal cancer screening research, and completing a practicum in breast cancer survivors, I have found my calling in cancer research. I truly believe in the power of exercise and the positive effects it can have, especially on cancer survivors; I am so excited about the prospects of this research!

Lauren BumgarnerLauren Bumgarner, M.S.

Research Assistant

In working towards my degrees in exercise science, I was able to experience first-hand the positive effect of exercise through opportunities such as leading an older adult strength training class and training individuals with severe deteriorations in physical and/or cognitive capacities. My interest in research began when I conducted my masters thesis examining the effects of muscular leg deficits on fall risk and progressed in my most recent position assisting an Alzheimer’s trial at OHSU.  As a research assistant for the GET FIT trial I am thrilled to combine my professional interests of research and exercise by assisting in a novel investigational study while also working closely with participants in an exercise setting.

Cole Hilton
Cole Hilton, B.S.

I was raised in the Willamette Valley and have spent much of my time involved in my own physical activities as well as teaching and coaching individuals of all ages. I completely believe in exercise's ability to heal and restore quality of life. My degree in exercise science taught me how to apply my passion for exercise to others. I am excited to work as part of the GET FIT team to experience targeted exercise strategies at work for cancer survivors.


Megan O'HollarenMegan O'Hollaren, B.S.

Through obtaining my degree in human physiology with an emphasis in exercise science, I discovered a passion for both research and for promoting exercise in healthcare. Through both my own exercise experiences as well as my experience leading people of all ages and abilities through exercise programs, I have been able to personally experience and observe the positive impact of exercise in people of all fitness levels. I am excited to have the opportunity to apply my passions of research and exercise as a part of the GET FIT team.