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2015 Defining and Achieving Your Vision of Success at OHSU

The 2015 conference was a lunch with OHSU leaders, an inspiring keynote, and a panel discussion on how to be successful in the OHSU environment.With a special presentation of WAM Awards for Mentoring, Discovery, Clinical Service,Research Support and Resiliency.

Combining the ever popular thematic lunch table discussions, a keynote address and a panel discussion featuring several prominent OHSU Women leaders, the third annual WAM conference continued its tradition of bringing together employees from all disciplines and levels of career for a half-day conference. The theme of this year's conference was "Defining and achieving your vision of success at OHSU."

We were honored to have noted career consultant and coach, Janet Bickel, M.A. deliver the keynote. She encouraged us to think about "our own definition of success," to develop our own personal "Board of Directors" and to "become more and more alert to your understanding of what success means to you, how that's evolving and in what direction."

The panel discussion centered on "How to be successful in the OHSU environment" and participants included Carol Howe, C.N.M, D.N.Sc, F.A.C.N.M., D.P.N.A.P., F.A.A.N. and Karen Deveny, M.D. As one participant commented "I admire both of these women a great deal and it was a real treat to hear what they had to say."

Awards were presented to five women for their outstanding contributions and leadership at OHSU. Our goal is "to make our workplace such that we can facilitate everybody achieving their goals both personally and professionally," said Jeannette Mladenovic, MD, MBA, OHSU Provost. See the full announcement of award winners.

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Other comments from the post-conference survey

"My favorite thing about these conferences is actually the fellowship with other female faculty and the opportunity to share ideas with others outside of my department."

"Thank you for putting on such a wonderful, informative, though-provoking event!"

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Call it the irony of success. During the second annual Women’s Leadership Conference, keynote speaker Susie Wee, vice president and chief technology officer of networked experiences at Cisco Systems, cautioned the crowd. “As you go higher and higher in your career, you don’t actually feel more successful. Sometimes you feel less successful, because you’re failing more. You’re taking more chances to get to more places.”

Susie Wee at WAM conference 2014Nevertheless, Wee shared stories of the successes she’s had in a career in the high-tech world of video, networking and digital technology. And despite the many differences between her field and that of academic medicine, there were commonalities and kernels of wisdom all 130 faculty, staff and students in attendance could learn from. Video of the May 27 event – which was organized by the Women in Academic Medicine Committee – is now available for OHSU faculty, students and staff (login required).

"I think OHSU has a wonderful community. I’m inspired by the leadership that is promoting this enterprise,” said Jeanette Mladenovic, M.D., MBA, OHSU provost. “When we make things a welcoming community for all of us as women, we make it so for students, our staff and our male colleagues.”

Dr. Mladenovic also announced that OHSU will become an institutional sponsor of the ELAM, or Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine, program. This level of support will allow women from any OHSU school to be nominated for participation in the year-long professional development program.

This year, the WAM Committee launched an awards program to recognize men and women in academic medicine who support the success of women. “These awards recognize individuals who bring their personal values and hearts into their work, creating meaning and fulfillment, and by their example, inspire others to do the same,” said Rebecca Harrison, M.D., associate professor of medicine and WAM member.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Jenny Mladenovic, Judith Baggs at WAM conference 2014Mentoring Award: Judith Baggs, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, Elizabeth N. Gray Distinguished Professor, School of Nursing; assistant professor of medicine, School of Medicine

Excerpts from her nominators: “Dr. Baggs is the senior faculty I rely on to provide mentoring for junior faculty’s’ research and scholarship programs.”

“Judith mentored me through the challenges of a new professional context while always creating opportunities for me to engage with faculty and other professionals to support my work.”

Kirsten Lampi, Jenny Mladenovic at WAM conference 2014Resiliency Award: Kirsten Lampi, Ph.D., professor of integrative biosciences, School of Dentistry

Dr. Lampi is an accomplished researcher and educator, and has maintained high professional standards, including being awarded NIH grants, publishing, serving on NIH study sections, mentoring and lecturing regularly as she faced multiple personal challenges over the past three years.

Richardson-Gregory-award-webResearch Support Award: Allison Gregory, M.S., CGC, research instructor of molecular and medical genetics, School of Medicine

Penelope Hogarth stated in her nomination, “Allison quickly became a lynchpin of our team. It has been a running joke between Allison, Dr. Susan Hayflick and myself that if she ever decides to leave, we will have to pack up and retire. We hope she never figures out that we are only half-joking. We can’t quite imagine our academic lives without her.”

Dean Richardson, Angela Kendrick at WAM conference 2014Clinical Service Award: Angela Kendrick, M.D., associate professor of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine, School of Medicine

Jeffrey Kirsch, M.D., chair of anesthesiology, commented that during her 26 years on faculty, Dr. Kendrick “has literally given her life to OHSU, our patient, trainees, and junior faculty members.”

Mary Stenzel-Poore, Bonnie Nagel at WAM conference 2014Discovery Award: Bonnie Nagel, Ph.D., associate professor of psychiatry, School of Medicine

Her research is described by her colleagues as employing a unique combination of cutting edge approaches, and she was recognized in 2012 by both the OHSU Medical Research Foundation and the Research Society on Alcoholism with their young investigator awards.

Pictured (top to bottom): Susie Wee of Cisco Systems; Dr. Mladenovic (left) and Dr. Baggs; Dr. Lampi (left) and Dr. Mladenovic; Dean Mark Richardson and Allison Gregory; Dean Richardson and Dr. Kendrick; Senior Associate Dean for Research Mary Stenzel-Poore (left) and Dr. Nagel


Women's leadership conference explores opportunities challenges in academic medicine

WAM conference 2013The OHSU group Women in Academic Medicine (WAM) hosted the first OHSU Advancing Women in Leadership Conference on May 29. Event registration quickly reached capacity, and attendees represented departments and units across OHSU, including students, faculty members and staff.

Organizers of the event aimed to enhance leadership skills for all attendees as well as foster communication with the university and provide professional networking. Video is now available (see below).

The keynote speaker was Patricia Hurn, Ph.D., vice chancellor for research and innovation, University of Texas System Office of Health Affairs. Her talk was followed by an interactive session on negotiation with John Saultz, M.D., chair and professor of family medicine at OHSU, and a panel discussion with current leaders in various disciplines at OHSU.

To explain the title of her talk, Moving Women to Full Throttle, Dr. Hurn said, “There have been advances for women, and advances for diversity, but we are really at a point where we need to move to what I call ‘full throttle.’ It’s time to make some large strides.”

Exploring topics such as work-life balance, diversity, leadership in basic sciences, resiliency and mentoring, participants also engaged in table discussions to identify opportunities to cultivate leadership at OHSU.

Support for the event came from the SoM Office of the Dean, the OHSU Center for Diversity & Inclusion and the Fund for the Advancement of Women’s Leadership. 

Event organizers intend to make the women’s leadership conference an annual event.

Watch the videos

Patricia Hurn, Ph.D., vice chancellor for research and innovation, University of Texas System

Jeanette Mladenovic, M.D., MBA, provost and vice president for academic affairs

John Saultz, M.D., chair and professor of family medicine

Panel discussion among Dr. Hurn, Sharon Anderson, M.D., professor and interim chair of medicine, Stacy Nicholson, M.D., MPH, chair and professor of pediatrics, and Mary Stenzel-Poore, Ph.D., senior associate dean for research

Pictured (l to r): Dr. Hurn, Tracy Bumsted, M.D., MPH, associate dean for undergraduate medical education, Karen Eden, Ph.D., and John Ng, M.D., co-chairs of the Women in Academic Medicine group