Nutrition Consortium

The Moore Institute believes that it cannot make an impact on nutrition before conception, during pregnancy and in infancy without a broad base of expertise. To this end, the Moore Nutrition Consortium was formed to bring nutrition-oriented groups working on nutrition in Oregon together as partners of the Institute, to share their knowledge and resources, to seek new collaborations and to use their collective voices to improve maternal and infant nutrition in the state of Oregon.

The most important function of the consortium will be bringing Oregon’s nutrition experts together to specifically address the diets and social conditions of young girls, women of reproductive age and their infants. The Moore Institute is enthusiastic about the prospect of unifying nutrition experts across the state toward one goal—improving the health of the women of Oregon.

The first Nutrition Consortium Forum was held on June 5, 2013, to share information and gain understanding of the work already underway by members of the scientific community and the food and nutrition community of Oregon.

Please contact us if your organization would like to get involved!