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Linda Ganzini, M.D., M.P.H.

Director of Division of Geriatric Psychiatry

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The Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program

The Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program was funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1991 and is currently directed by Linda Ganzini, M.D., M.P.H.

The program has received full accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) since its inception. Several program graduates, who are staff geropsychiatrists at OHSU and Portland VAMC, participate as principal faculty in this Fellowship program.

The overall goals and plan of the Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship are:

Goal 1.

Balance and breadth of experience

We provide a balanced experience in geriatric psychiatry, with opportunities for the development of the Fellow's clinical, teaching and research skills. Clinical skills are developed in acute care settings and in long-term, continuous care of outpatients. The design of the residency includes a continuous Geropsychiatry Clinic. There is a significant participation in geriatric medical and neurological settings, with emphasis on the interaction between psychiatric and medical problems in the elderly and collaboration among the specialties. We complement the Fellow's predominantly male VA patient exposure with the addition of female patients in university, county and private systems of care. By the end of the Fellowship, each resident will be prepared for the Added-Qualification Examination in Geriatric Psychiatry.

Goal 2.

Meaningful research opportunities.

Currently there are two tracks available, which differ predominantly in their research focus. Residents starting in the PGY-5 year will have a predominantly clinical experience, will meet the requirements set by the ACGME for completing an accredited Geriatric Psychiatry Program, and will be prepared for the added-qualification examination. Research opportunities may include participating in an established research study or the scholarly review of a topic. As an alternative, elective time may be non-research. Residents from OHSU may start geriatric focused research during the PGY-4 year (50% protected time) that can be continued in the PGY5 (25% protected time). There is a comprehensive, sequential, faculty-supported and supervised approach to research training and opportunities to participate in the OHSU Human Investigations Program (HIP) that will lead to certificate or Masters in Clinical Research. 

A CV and cover Letter should be emailed to the Training Director to begin the application process. 

Please follow the link to access the Oregon Health & Science University Training Application Form.

Outstanding research programs exist in the areas of:

  • Dementias Affective Disorders
  • Ethics
  • Substance Abuse
  • Psychiatric Aspects of End-of-Life Care
  • Other Themes Relevant to Geriatrics

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship program.

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Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program