Reproductive Endocrinology

OHSU Fertility Consultantsis a national leader in fertility research and clinical care. As part of a teaching and research university, our program offers leading-edge fertility treatments as well as an extensive clinical research program.

Contact Information

Appointments: 503 418-4500
Academic affairs: 503 418-3709


OHSU's Andrology - Embryology Program

The OHSU Andrology / Embryology Laboratory is directed under the auspices of David E. Battaglia, Ph.D. Dr. Battaglia has more than 20 years of experience with the biology of oocytes and fertilization. The laboratory is an integral part of a tertiary care center specializing in all aspects of reproductive medicine. We serve individuals and institutions in the Northwest and the Nation. Read more at www.fertilityoregon.com.


About OHSU Fertility Consultants

  • the first infertility program in Oregon

  • the first successful IVF program in Oregon

  • one of the first to offer ICSI in the country

  • one of the first to develop and offer extended embryo culture in the country

  • one of the first to offer preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in the country

  • one of the first West Coast programs to establish a Donor Egg program

  • one of the first West Coast programs to recruit Egg Donors

  • the first West Coastprogram to have a baby born from a frozen egg, (445 Kb pdf)