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This is the link for LIVE streaming, available 8–9 a.m. when Grand Rounds are scheduled.

Lectures are available as archived video stream approximately 1 to 3 days after the live stream and will remain available on our website.


Providers who wish to receive category 1 CME credits must attend the conference in person to participate in the discussions on site as they occur. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will not be able to provide category 1 CME credit for those not physically in attendance.


We are interested in any input and/or feedback on this feature. Please submit feedback on the ease of access, quality, etc., of the streaming videos to Lynn Tikalsky at tikalsky@ohsu.edu.

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January 15, 2014

Statin-Associated Myopathies

Andrew Mammen, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neurology and Medicine and  Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center,  Baltimore, MD


January 22, 2014

Vitamin D and Parkinson’s Disease – A Review

Amie Peterson, M.D., Assistant Professor, Parkinson's Center of Oregon,  Department of Neurology, OHSU


January 29, 2014

Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis: Will the Medical Research Future Have Conventional Statistics and p Values?

Barry Oken, M.D., Professor, Departments of Neurology,  Behavioral Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, OHSU


February 5, 2014

The Rising Cost of MS Drugs: Too Big to Fail?

Ruth Whitham, M.D., Neurologist, VAMC Neurology Service and Professor, OHSU MS Center, Department of Neurology and Dan Hartung, Pharm.D., M.P.H, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
Due to EdComm technical difficulties this video is not available for viewing. Please accept our apologies.

February 12, 2014

"Old" and "New" M1: A Tale of Two Primary Motor Areas or Why rodents can't play the violin

Peter Strick, M.D., Director of Neuroscience Research, Pittsburg, VAMC
Archived video not available

February 19, 2014

New Views of Alzheimer's Disease

Jeffrey Kaye, M.D., Professor of Neurology & BioEngineering, Director, Layton Aging & Alzheimer's Disease Center, Director, Oregon Center for Aging & Technology, ORCATECH
Due to EdComm technical difficulties this video is not available for viewing. Please accept our apologies. 

February 26, 2014

Case Discussion: Inclusion Body Myositis

Cong-Qiu Chu, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine, Director, OHSU Early Arthritis Clinic, Division of Arthritis & Rheumatic Diseases, OHSU
Randy Woltjer, M.D., Ph.D., Neuropathology Core Director/Assistant Professor of Pathology Biography
Rick Rosenbaum, M.D., Neurology Division East, The Oregon Clinic, Portland, OR

March 12, 2014

Epilepsy Surgery Updates

Paul Motika, M.D., Assistant Professor, Epilepsy Center of Oregon, Department of Neurology, OHSU, Portland, OR

March 26, 2014

Fool Me Once: ALS Mimic

Julie Khoury, M.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, OHSU


April 2, 2014

The Female Brain: What Makes it Unique?

Tarvez Tucker, M.D., Associate Professor, Neurosciences Critical Care Unit, Department of Neurology, OHSU


April 16, 2014

Stroke Update 2014

Wayne Clark, M.D., Professor and Director, Oregon Stroke Center, Department of Neurology, OHSU


April 23, 2014

Mindfulness Meditation Applications in Neurology

Helene Wahbeh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, OHSU

May 14, 2014

Electrical Status Epilepticus during Slow wave sleep (ESES): A review and practical tips for testing children with autism and developmental regression

Melissa Svoboda, M.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, CDRC and Department of Pediatric Neurology, OHSU

June 4, 2014

Pathology Underlying Brain Atrophy and White Matter Changes in Aging

Deniz Erten-Lyons, M.D., Assistant Professor, Layton Center for Aging and Alzheimer's disease, Department of Neurology, OHSU

June 11, 2014

High fat diet, human apoE isoforms, and brain function

Jacob Raber, Ph.D., Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Neurology, and Radiation Medicine; Affiliate Scientist, Division of Neuroscience, ONPRC
No Video

June 18, 2014

What's happening in Gene Therapy in Parkinson Disease

Kathy Chung, M.D., Assistant Professor, Movement Disorders Program and Parkinson's Center of Oregon, Department of Neurology, OHSU


June 25, 2014

Optical Coherence Tomography: Tip of the Visual Pathway Iceberg? Clinical Applications of OCT in Neurologic Disorders

William L Hills, M.D., Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology and Neurology
Neuro-ophthalmology, Casey Eye Institute, OHSU