Primary Care

Internal Medicine Primary Care Track

OHSU Internal Medicine Residents

We intentionally do not offer a separate match number for our primary care track.  This allows any internal medicine resident who is interested in primary care to move into the Primary Care Track.  We feel this is important as many students may be interested, but not able to commit to, primary care in their fourth year of medical school and it allows flexibility so that we can expand to meet the needs of the residents. In general, about 15-20% of our residents chose to enter the primary care track and over the last four years approximately 20% of our residents have entered careers in Primary Care. Importantly, we also feel that all of our residents (categorical and primary care track) receive outstanding training in outpatient general internal medicine since almost all physicians will work in an outpatient setting whether primary care or subspecialty medicine.  

Primary care track residents have a Rural Preceptorship in the second year and a two month long Primary Care block rotation in the third year. For the rural preceptorship, residents chose to rotate in one of a wide number of rural based primary care clinics across Oregon as well as Indian Health Service sites in Alaska, Arizona, or New Mexico. The primary care block includes two full days per week with a solo practitioner in East Portland, co-precepting in one's continuity clinic as well as opportunities to get "selective" experiences in primary care topics of one's choice (OB-Gyn, Orthopedics, Dermatology, etc).  There is also primary care career mentorship and social events throughout the year to further enhance the experience.