Employee Giving 11 2013

Employee Giving Campaign

Helping our patients, helping each other

The annual OHSU Employee Giving Campaign has begun.  Once again, Family Medicine is hoping employees will contribute to the FM Discretionary Account #13684. This account is a pool of funds used to advance two important causes: the professional development of our staff and the support of our most needy patients. 

Professional Development Funds
Half of the total raised will be used to support staff professional development. The Allocations Committee, made up of represented/classified employees from EJH, Gabriel Park, Richmond, South Waterfront and Scappoose, determines how that money will be disbursed. 

Clinic Funds
The remaining half of the total raised will be given to the clinics, based on the amount contributed by the clinic faculty and staff, for the support of needy patients.  For example:

  • If Employee X from Richmond contributes $50, $25 of that will go back to Richmond to support needy patients in a way best determined by the clinics. Clinic managers will provide information to staff on how to access these funds.
  • Contributions from those who are not affiliated with a clinic will be used to support department activities including lunches at department meetings, the holiday party, resident graduation, etc.

Use this donation form, if donating via payroll deduction, cash or check.  Visit the Foundation if you are paying by credit card.

Donate & Win

For every $10 contributed to the FM Discretionary Account #13684, employees will be given a ticket to be entered into a drawing. We have 14 amazing prizes. You can distribute your tickets among the prizes however you choose, using the second page of the donation form. You must complete the second page to have your tickets included in the raffle.  Give the forms to your Family Medicine Employee Giving Clinic Champion by 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 29. The prize drawing will be held on Thursday, Dec. 5, during the monthly Family Medicine Department Meeting.

The Clinic Challenge!

EJH and all Clinics with the largest percentage increase in donations over 2012 will earn a traveling plaque and a pizza luncheon.  

Your contributions at work

Since July 2011, $11,032 has been donated to needy patients or awarded to Family Medicine staff for professional development through the Family Medicine Discretionary Staff Development Fund, thanks to employee giving during the annual campaign.

The 2012 Employee Giving Campaign, which ended Nov. 30, 2012, raised $22,634 for the Family Medicine Discretionary Fund. The staff development fund received half of the money raised by employees. The remaining half was allocated to the four clinics to be used at clinic administration’s discretion.

Staff awards totaling $5,839 were presented for the following programs, conferences and classes:

  • Spanish classes at Beaverton High School, $150
  • ACGME Annual Education Conference in Orlando, $925
  • CCO Oregon Transforming Care 2013 Conference, $200
  • Health Literacy Conference, $70
  • STFM Behavioral Health Forum, $850
  • The Indispensable Assistant Workshop, $99
  • Living with Brain Injury Conference, $450
  • Advanced Photoshop CS6 Course, $750
  • OHSU's 45th Annual Primary Care Review Conference, $695
  • Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction $350
  • Health Innovation Symposium, $300

Since July 2012, Family Medicine clinics donated $5,193. The breakdown by clinic is as follows:

  • South  Waterfront donations: $95 in Access Assured Patients, $150 in café vouchers for patients, $25 in Starbucks gift cards for patients.
  • Gabriel Park donations: $1,865 in Fred Meyer gift cards for patients.
  • Richmond donations: $2,358 in Fred Meyer gift cards for patients.
  • Scappoose: $700 in Fred Meyer gift cards for patients.