Philip Copenhaver, Ph.D.

Philip Copenhaver



Office: RJH 5598 | 503 494-4646
Lab: RJH 5566 | 503 494-5818
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1979     Biology, B.S. & M.S., Stanford University
1985     Zoology/Neurobiology, Ph.D., University of Washington


1986-1989         Postdoctoral Fellow (Dr. Paul Taghert), Washington University
1989-1990         Postdoctoral Fellow (Dr. William Moody), University of Washington
1990-1996         Assistant Professor, CDB, OHSU
1996-2011         Associate Professor, CDB, OHSU
2011-Present     Professor, CDB, OHSU

Selected Publications

Wright, J.W. and Copenhaver, P.F.  (2000)  Different isoforms of Fasciclin II play distinct roles in the guidance of neuronal migration during insect embryogenesis.  Developmental Biology 225, 59-78. Download

Swanson, T.R., Knittel, L.M., Coate, T.M., Farley, S.M., Snyder, M.A., Copenhaver, P.F. (2005) The insect homologue of the amyloid precursor protein interacts with the heterotrimeric G protein Goa in an identified population of migratory neurons. Developmental Biology 288:160-178. Download

Coate, T.M., Swanson, T.L., Copenhaver, P.F.  (2009). Reverse signaling by GPI-linked Manduca Ephrin requires a Src family kinase to restrict neuronal migration in vivo.  J. Neurosci. 29, 3404-18. PMCID: PMC3100805. Download

Copenhaver, P.F, Anekonda, T.S., Musashe, D., Ramaker, J., Robinson, K.M., Swanson, T.L, Wadsworth, T.L Kretzschmar, D., Woltjer, R.L., and. Quinn, J.F. (2011) A translational continuum of model systems for evaluating treatment strategies in Alzheimer’s disease: isradipine as a candidate drug. Disease Models and Mechanisms 4: 634-48. PMCID: PMC3180227. Download