Non-Accredited Tracks

Non-Accredited Tracks (Health Physics or Nuclear Engineering)

The Oregon Medical Physics Program (OMPP) is a joint graduate degree between Oregon Health and Science University and Oregon State University's School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE).   Medical Physics students work towards MS and PhD degrees in our CAMPEP Accredited Medical Physics Graduate Degree Track only.  The Oregon State University School of NSE also offers graduate degrees in Nuclear Engineering, Radiochemistry, and Health Physics, but these courses / degrees are not CAMPEP accredited. 

Are the courses between Medical Physics and Health Physics the same?

There is some minimal course overlap (~4 courses) with the "Health Physics" graduate degree track at Oregon State University. These courses are cross-listed (having RHP and MP designators, i.e. RHP 531 and MP 531). The remaining approximately 16 courses in Medical Physics are only available to Medical Physics students, (those in the CAMPEP Accredited track).

Can Health Physics students at OSU take Medical Physics courses?

No. Medical Physics courses are enrollment-restricted to those students admitted as OMPP graduate Students. 

How can I be accepted as a Medical Physics student?

You must apply through OHSU's online admissions system, and your application will be reviewed by a joint OSU/OHSU Admissions Committee. If you are accepted, you will receive acceptance letters from both OSU and OHSU. You will then be allowed to take courses in Medical Physics upon matriculation. 

How can I tell if a graduate got a Health Physics or a Medical Physics degree?

Degrees awarded from the Oregon Medical Physics Program are jointly branded with the OSU and OHSU logos prominently displayed. The degree states that it is a "Medical Physics" degree. Those graduates not receiving a Medical Physics degree are not eligible to board certify with the American Board of Radiology. Graduates with a degree in "Radiation Health Physics" are branded only by OSU, and have not graduated from a CAMPEP Accredited Medical Physics program.