Student Report--APSA 2016

Collage of images from APSA 2016


Jevgenia (Jenya) Zilberman-Rudenko, Med 2/ Grad 2 in Biomedical Engineering attended the annual APSA conference in April with 4 other OHSU MD/PhD students. Support for this trip is generously provided by the Robert and June Koler MD/PhD Scholarship.   Here's her report:

When I think about the annual joint meeting of the Association of American Physicians, the American Society for Clinical Investigation and the American Physician Scientists Association (AAP-ASCI-APSA) held in Chicago, I think about the crowds of bright-eyed people running along the picturesque historic riverfront with poster tubes and suitcases, inspired, eager and happy to be here. The Chicago riverfront comes to mind as a classic picture of ever-evolving world views reflected in stunning mix of majestic 1950's, time of double helix and other grand discoveries, and adventurous millennial, age of technical and nanomedicine research advancement, architecture. Suitably, AAP-ASCI-APSA meeting attracts a great collection of physician scientists at different stages of their career and training backgrounds from all over the United States and provides a fantastic forum for students and trainees to present their original research and learn from as well as get inspired by senior faculty. This was my second consecutive year of presenting my graduate research work at the AAP-ASCI-APSA meeting, along the side of Oregon Health &Science University (OHSU) MD-PhD program peers, and I found myself yet again amazed by the stimulating conversations and thought-provoking suggestions I received during this meeting. Notably, I had an amazing big picture as well as technical discussions with Drs. Stephen Chan and David Ting, each of whom were familiar with my field of research from a different perspective and were able to ask tougher questions and help me think through how my current research fits in my training overall. I further had a privilege to have at length talk about my approach to medical questions and career direction with Dr. Val Sheffield. The meeting further allowed for mentorship opportunities between students and trainees at different stages including our programs' first year and graduating students, who had an opportunity to attend this year. We all enjoyed an extensive selection of formal talks by prominent physicians- scientists, presentations by young investigators and mentorship lunches featuring residence programs' representatives. It was an invaluable opportunity to regroup and put our daily efforts into perspective. As I reflected upon our training journey with my OHSU MD-PhD program peers at the Millennium Park, I felt the crisp Chicago breeze invigorating my mind and smiled at the sea of name tags flickering in the sun shining upon the bright future of medical research. I leave Chicago full of new ideas and motivation. Till next time AAP-ASCI-APSA. May we all have a fruitful year!