MD/PhD Student Winners at Research Week

MD PhD students Research Week 2016


MD/PhD students represented the program in their usual outstanding fashion at OHSU's 2016 Research week.

Two students were recognized for outstanding oral presentations:

  • Charlie Gast presented Cancer-macrophage fusion as a mechanism for metastatic disease
  • Cymon Kersch presented The role of avβ3-Integrin and HER2 in breast cancer metastasis in the brain

And in the annual 3MT (three minute thesis) competition MD/PhD students dominated the awards.

  • Allison Stickles received People's Choice award for her presentation on developing a single dose anti-malarial. Allison is about to graduate and head off to do Med/Peds residency at Cincinatti Children's hospital.
  • Kevin Burfeind received 2nd place for his presentation on understanding cachexia. He's a 3rd year student, completing his first year in Dan Mark's lab and part of the Neuroscience graduate program. 

Allison and Kevin will represent OHSU and the MD/PhD program at the state 3MT competition on May 21st.