The Human Investigations Program, as part of the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute’s (OCTRI) Education Program strives to provide an educational foundation for successful, comprehensively trained clinical and translational investigators.  We cannot do it alone and rely on many other resources locally within OCTRI and OHSU and the national research community.

The OCTRI Education Program provides two training award opportunities.  The Oregon Students Learn and Explore Research (OSLER) TL1 program expands the pipeline of clinical research through early research experience and short-term and year-long mentored clinical and translational research for predoctoral medical, dental, graduate nursing, basic science, bioengineering and pharmacy students.  In the year-long program, doctoral student will enroll in a Master of Clinical Research degree.  The Oregon Scholars in Clinical Research (OSCR) KL2 program provides mentored, protected research experiences to enhance the development and retention of young investigators. 


The OCTRI Research Forum (previously called HIP Buffet) seminar series complements the HIP educational curriculum with a variety of practical topics in clinical and translational research.  The OCTRI Research Forum is targeted to faculty and fellows who are interested in a clinical research career at the investigator level and is open to the OHSU community.  Learn more


Career Development for Researchers helps you navigate career development resources from across OHSU. You can find information about classes and workshops offered by Research & Funding Development services, the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research institute (OCTRI), and more. Learn more about these opportunities

OHSU School of Medicine has paired up with OCTRI to offer resources and learning opportunities for OHSU faculty and fellows who seek more information about mentoring and being mentored.