Student Research Group


The School of Dentistry SRG is a student run group that supports dental students interested in scientific research at OHSU.  It is a community of students and faculty interested in improving the dental field through research as well as outreach and community education.  It is our goal to impart upon all members the importance of research (especially to improving our dental field and patient experience) as well as fueling the desire for life-long to learning; a foundation that epitomizes the dental profession.

About the SRG

Who are you guys? 
  • The SRG is composed of dental students who are interested in scientific inquiry.
  • Many of us have already conducted research in some capacity, or plan to do so in the future.
  • However, research experience is not necessary to be a member – only interest!
Why do research as a dental student?
  • Research helps one gain an appreciation and understanding of evidence based learning established by systematic methods.
  • Research helps establish a new way of organized thinking.
  • Ultimately, our exposure to the scientific method will augment our skills as practitioners enabling us to discriminate between products that have been proven through clinical trials, versus advertising claims of companies geared towards sales of dental products.
How do I get involved?
  • Start as soon as possible -- however, it's never too late!
    • Get connected with a faculty mentor.
    • Check with post-doc graduate students for opportunities to help.
    • Ask about clinic-based research.
    • For more information, don't hesitate to contact any of the SRG members.