New Patient Admissions

Phone Number: (503) 494-8867 (phones are open 8:00 – 4:45 Monday through Friday)

Clinic Hours: 8:30am - 4:45pm, Monday - Friday

Urgent Care: The urgent care clinic provides services for patients who are not comprehensive or specialty care patients but require urgent care. Fees at the OHSU Dental School Urgent Care clinic can be up to $250 depending on treatment needed. Fees are due at time of service. If this is an option for you, the number is 503 494-8867 There are a limited number of appointments available Monday through Friday. Care is provided by dental students under the supervision of faculty dentists.

Comprehensive Care Clinic: Patients seeking general dentistry services to meet their comprehensive oral health needs should make an appointment for Admitting by calling 503-494-8867 Monday through Friday. The screening visit includes x-rays so that your oral health needs can be determined. This appointment could last up to 3 hours. Patients should come prepared to pay up to $130.00. Patients that come to their appointment without payment will be asked to re-schedule. If the patient has had a recent set of x-rays taken at another provider, the patient must bring a digital version on a disk, or have their prior provider contact sodrad@ohsu.edu for information on how to send images online. If the patient or provider fails to provide the x-rays in the correct format prior to screening, the appointment will be rescheduled unless the patient is willing to pay for a new set to be taken. Treatment is provided by dental students under the supervision of faculty dentists and hygienists. Not all patients are accepted for care as the patient’s needs must be appropriate for student dentists to provide. When you are ready to make the appointment please call 503-494-8867.

Fees: Payment is due at the time of service. Our fees in the Comprehensive Care Clinic are on average 30% less than private practice. Actual fee difference may vary by procedure

Time Commitment: Admission Visits: 1-3 hours Other Visits: 3-4 hours

Parking: Patient parking is free in the structure next to the School of Dentistry. These parking spaces are reserved for patients only and the area is well marked for patient parking only. Transportation & Parking will still patrol the area and will still issue parking tickets to vehicles parked by people who do not have valid appointments with the School of Dentistry. The fine for patient-parking violations is $100.00.

Childcare: There are no child care facilities. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and cannot be brought into the clinic.


Directions to the School of Dentistry


Note: Some patient's treatment needs may not be appropriate for the educational program, therefore not everyone will be admitted as a patient.