Externship Program

For questions, contact Amy Corrigan: 

The OHSU OMS externship is designed to offer dental students in their third and fourth years an opportunity to gain hospital-based oral & maxillofacial surgery experience and experience, first hand, how our training program works while meeting those within it. Externs are expected to participate in operating rooms, clinics, and on-call duties. Typical externship duration is two weeks, split between OHSU and Legacy Emanuel hospitals. We do not accept externs during the break between fall and winter dental school terms, and we typically accept only one extern at any one time.

You must be a U. S. citizen or resident alien with a green card indicating you are a permanent resident of the United States and attend an ADA accredited institution.

You are required to submit the following with this application:

  • Complete application form
  • Briefly describe your reasons for wanting to attend this externship on an attached sheet of paper
  • CV
  • College transcript
  • Dental School transcript
  • NBDE
  • Class rank
  • Letter of recommendation from a Faculty member of your attending school
  • Professional malpractice insurance coverage, valid for the State of Oregon, for a minimum of $1 million per occurrence.
  • Verification of the following immunizations: Rubella, Rubeola and Varicella, as well as, Tuberculin and Hepatitis B status.

Please return all requested information to:

Oregon Health & Science University
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department, SD-OMS
Externship program
2730 SW Moody Ave.
Portland, OR 97201

Students typically divide their externship time equally between OHSU School of Dentistry and Hospital, and Legacy-Emanuel Hospitals.  Externs are encouraged to participate in their experience to the fullest extent possible by taking call, attending rounds, journal club, participating in surgical casework, etc.  Externs will be expected to give a presentation of their choice during weekly conference at OHSU and submit a 1 page synopsis to the OMS Wiki.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for all of the requirements listed above and that these have been received prior to approval. Housing information will be sent prior to coming. It is up to the applicant to make his/her own arrangements, as well as, travel and personal expenses.

Externship Application