Department Paid Services

Event & Reservation Services

We are pleased to offer our OHSU Departments the opportunity to reserve parking on campus for any event, conference, or meeting. We offer several types of reserved parking services to include day pass reservations, group event parking and department paid bulk volunteer permits.

If you have any questions on pricing, scheduling, or the locations of reserved parking - please call us at 503 494-8283 and a customer service representative will assist you.

Department Paid: Reservations & Day Permits

Need day parking for an individual or a small group? Purchase department paid passes below by selecting one of the following options:

Event / Meeting / Conference Parking

Have an upcoming event, meeting, or conference that requires parking? Our events staff are glad to assist you through this process to ensure your event parking needs are met.

Reserve parking for a group of 10 or more

Department Paid: Priority Parking

Requests for Priority Parking must be authorized by the approving authority for a given department and T&P. OHSU employees may contact T&P to identify the approving authority for their department. For more information, please

Priority Parking Form

Department Paid: Other

Departmental Zone Pass (DZP)

The OHSU Transportation and Parking Office administers the Departmental Zone Permit (DZP) program. The DZP program allows an OHSU department to purchase a permit that is specifically assigned to their department. This permit can be used for the parking needs of a OHSU member, guest, or vendor as designated by the requesting department.The DZP is good for all day and is a 3 Diamond permit. For more information please see the Departmental Zone Pass application.


Departmental service vehicles may qualify for an E-Plate permit. For more information please contact the Transportation & Parking Office.

Reserved Multi-Day Pass

The purpose of this Pilot Program is to give members an opportunity to purchase multiday day passes, for the following week, on their last work day of the week. For example: If a member works M-W they would be able to buy their multiday day pass for the following week on Wednesday, since that is their last work day of the week. The pass may only be purchased at the Transportation & Parking Office only.