Department Paid Services

Parking when you want it

Coupon codes offer departments flexibility to offer guests parking without prior reservation. Departments first request a coupon code from Transportation & Parking. Departments then distribute the code at their discretion. Guests then use the coupon code at any OHSU pay station to bill the department directly. 

Daily parking by reservation

We recommend making a reservation 2 business days in advance. Reservations cannot be arrange any later than by noon the business day prior. 

Guests can pay directly online and at pay station at facilities listed on Transportation & Parking's home page.

Individual or groups of less than 10:

Marquam Hill
South Waterfront Schnitzer
South Waterfront Whitaker

Event Parking (groups of 10 or more):

Transportation & Parking will assist you with ensuring your event, meeting, or conference runs smoothly by reserving a designated area to direct all your guests to.

Reserve parking for a group of 10 or more


Long term parking

For an individual:

Departments have the option of paying for an individual's permit.

If this permit would otherwise be on wait list, the department must apply for authorization and pay an additional monthly priority fee. Learn more about the Priority Parking Program.

For multiple individuals:

The Department Zone Permit is a full time 3 Diamond permit assigned to a department. The permit can be used for the parking needs of one or more OHSU members, guests, or vendors as designated by the requesting department.

Departmental Zone Pass application.

E-plate permit:

Departmental service vehicles may qualify for an E-Plate permit. Contact us to learn more.