Public Safety

Our Mission

 Serving our Community with
Integrity, Empathy and Respect.

The Role of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety's primary role at OHSU is to promote the safety and security of patients, employees and visitors.

To accomplish this, Officers deter crime, patrol the campus, provide an emergency response when needed, oversee the emergency telephone service, offer around the clock escort services, assist motorists and control building access.

Public Safety also issues ID badges, conducts emergency planning, offers workplace violence assessments, complies with mandated reporting requirements and ensures a safe and secure University environment for all.

In Case of Emergency

Off Campus call 503-494-4444
On Campus call 4-4444

Message from the Chief

Greg Moawad, Director of Public Safety
On behalf of the Department of Public Safety, I welcome you to the University and our website.  My intent is that this Department will promote a safe and secure environment for all your pursuits.  We value diversity, and strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect.  Should you need anything from us during your work, studies or visit here, please do not hesitate to call upon us.         

                              Greg Moawad
                              Director of Public Safety 


Watch Public Safety's Town Hall to learn more about safety initiatives and preparedness at OHSU.

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