Campus Crime Log

Details of reported crimes are documented by Public Safety in the Campus Crime Log. Included are the date and time of the report, the date and time of the occurrence, the incident type, the general location, the case number and the disposition. Please refer to the key below for a description of Campus Crime Log entry dispositions.

                                                     Disposition Key


Case is being actively investigated.


The investigation has exhausted all leads. The case may be re-activated in the future if new information becomes available.


Case is determined through investigation to be false or baseless. No offense occurred nor was attempted.

Cleared by Arrest or Citation

At least one person was arrested, cited, charged with the commission of the offense or the case is turned over to the court for prosecution.

Cleared Exceptionally

Probable cause exists that a crime has occurred, a victim of the crime has been identified and a suspect (believed to have committed the crime) has been positively identified. Charges against the suspect are sent to the court and some element beyond law enforcement control prevents filing of formal charges against the offender or the victim waives prosecution.        

Referred to Outside Agency

Case is being investigated by a law enforcement agency other than OHSU Public Safety.