Integrity Education

Integrity Education ensures compliance and education for the OHSU workforce through such venues as the Big Brain learning management system and the Code of Conduct, which help promote an environment based on respect, while protecting private and confidential information.




Environmental Health & Radiation Safety Training


IMPORTANT: Many Healthcare courses have moved from Big Brain to a new Learning Management System, Compass:
The Integrity-based courses, Research courses, P-card and Fast Access course remain in Big Brain.

Questions on Compass? 

Contact or call 503 494-8185

Healthcare courses you will now find in Compass:

  • Abuse, Neglect and Domestic Violence
  • Cardiovascular Health
    CLABSI Prevention
  • Delirium Prevention and Management for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals
  • Delirium Prevention and Management for Physicians and Other Licensed Independent Practitioners
  • Environment of Care
  • EpicCare In Basket Overview
  • EpicCare for Visiting Medical Students
  • EpicCare Fundamentals
  • EpicCare Provider Core
  • EpicCare In Basket
  • EpicCare IP Fundamentals
  • EpicCare OP Fundamentals
  • Evidence-Based Prescribing
  • Fire Safety and Response
  • Fluoroscopy Training: Reappointment Privilege Request
  • Fluoroscopy Training: Initial Privilege Request
  • Hooked on Pharma
    Fraud Awareness - Professional Compliance
  • Hospital Compliance
  • ICD-10 Mission
  • Infection Protection and Control
  • Laser Safety: Basic Laser
  • Medication Safety
  • MRI Safety
  • Quality & Safety Education for Physicians & Other LIPs
  • Rational Rx
  • Sedation Training- Initial Privilege Request