New This Year

New Vendors, Different Set Up

Every year we switch things up a bit. We are looking forward to new vendors and a slightly new set up at the market. To receive news about the market, subscribe to our newsletter!

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Community Supported Agriculture at OHSU's Doorstep

You don't have to go far to get amazingly fresh produce. OHSU is now the host of 5 drop sites for Minto Island Grower's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) all Organic program.

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a share in a local farm. Each member pays in advance for a box of produce delivered to the drop site every week for 22 weeks, no-middle-man, fresh from the farm, picked within 24-48 hours! This model of farming is wonderful for the farmers as it provides a known source of funds for the season as well as expected amount to harvest. CSA members enjoy fresh produce and the opportunity to get to know their local farmer, learn about small scale organic production systems and invest in the local economy. Members pay for their 22 week share in 1 or 2 installments. A partial share costs $400 and a full share costs $615 for the full 22 weeks worth of produce.Their produce is beautiful, their shares are abundant, the farmers are incredibly reliable and the cost is very reasonable for 22 boxes.

This season, the OHSU community, including employees, students & visitors, have the opportunity to subscribe to Minto Island's CSA and have the produce dropped at your choice of 5 locations:

  • MacKenzie Hall, Marquam Hill
  • Casey Eye Institute, Maquam Hill
  • Center For Health and Healing - Bike Valet Station at the South Waterfront
  • OHSU Foundation, Downtown
  • Market Square Building, Downtown

View the Minto Island Growers website   to sign up for a share or for more info.

Durable Dish Program

Ever notice all of the plastic forks in the garbage?

We have a solution! This year, we are encouraging all of our lunch vendors to use metal utensils. There are 3 waste stations, each equipped with a white bucket for returning the dirty metal utensils. Please support this Durable Dish initiative by returning your utensil. We need a 99% return rate the make this effort affordable!