Faculty Checklist

Three weeks before the students arrive at OHSU for their clinical experience

  • Complete the Computer Pyxis Epic Excel spreadsheet give to your coordinator.
  • Students in the ICU and ED (for more than three months) are advised to get IMPAX access to view radiology reports online. You may request this access on the Computer Pyxis Epic Info Excel spreadsheet in the column titled: IMPAX/Network. The student can use an OHSU workstation to access the online IMPAX tutorial.

Two weeks before the students arrive on campus

  • Review the OHSU Emergency Codes. This applies to students and faculty.
  • Access & ID Card form- Complete the from for yourself as faculty -the Access & ID Card forms must be signed by Bonnie Cox or her designee for each of your students.  Forms can be obtained in Sam Jackson Hall, Room 3255. Please contact to schedule a pick up time.

  • HIPAA Online Courses - Review the modules. For instructions, see the OHSU Access Information Quick Start Guide.
    • Respect at the University
    • HIPAA-Privacy and You
    • Integrity Booster
  • Background Check
  • OHSU requires a background/criminal history check and a drug history check before students and faculty may get an OHSU ID badge.
  • If your school does a criminal history and drug check then faculty must print out, on official school letterhead, a Background History Certification Letter for each student/faculty. By signing this letter the faculty certifies that the background checks have been done.
  • If your school does not do a criminal history or drug check, please contact
  • Contact the Nurse Manager/Supervisor or Professional Practice Leader (PPL):
    • Introduce yourself and let them know when you will be on the unit
    • Share with the manager/PPL your syllabus and how you will organize assignments
    • Request a day of orientation if you are new to the unit/clinic
    • Request a list of preceptor names for immersion or senior experience students.


On or before the first day of clinical experience

  • Obtain your ID badge (Refer to instructions in the Student Checklist)
  • Ensure that you and your students have a current Regional Nursing Network Clinical Passport.


During clinical placement

Periodically check in with the Nurse Manager/Supervisor or PPL to see if there are any issues or concerns.


Epic Training

Students are required to attend EpicCare and Glucometer training before starting on any unit. Pre-registration is required - Please work with your Coordinator to register your students or call Melanie Blehm at 503 418-3307.

Get more information on EpicCare Training