OHSU Multiple Sclerosis Center

MS Center of Oregon

A generous gift from the Wieden family created the Laura Fund, a research innovation fund supporting early-stage MS research.


There are 500,000 Americans and more than 7,000 Oregonians with multiple sclerosis, and they suffer physical and psychological effects that can have staggering financial, emotional and societal costs.

But there is much good news in the fight against neurological diseases, including MS. Since the sequencing of the human genome in 2000, we have entered a new era of medical research — an era of extraordinary new knowledge and hope.

For two decades the OHSU Multiple Sclerosis Center has been one of the nation’s premier locations for clinical care and research on MS — and the region’s best known resource for MS patients and their families.

Founded in 1984, the OHSU Multiple Sclerosis Center is the largest MS clinic in the Northwest. Each year hundreds of patients visit the center for diagnosis, symptom management and rehabilitation services, and hundreds more learn about treatment options and research advances through the center’s outreach efforts. Meanwhile, with more than $2 million a year in research grants, it is also among the nation’s most prolific MS research centers. The center acts as a hub for all of OHSU’s MS-related research efforts, and its members collaborate with experts around the world to develop new treatments. The center is also a training site for the next generation of MS experts.

Your support will help OHSU scientists to define new treatments for MS.