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Fay B. Horak Ph.D., P.T.

    • Professor of Neurology School of Medicine

As a physical therapist and motor control neurophysiologist, Dr. Horak has used her training to develop methods for clinicians to test balance in Parkinson's disease as well as physical therapy techniques and exercise program to treat or prevent balance and walking problems. She has studied Parkinson's disease for more than 25 years; much of that research has been in collaboration with the OHSU Parkinson Center of Oregon.

Dr. Horak's Balance Disorders Laboratory is considered the best in the world to study how the brain controls balance. She is internationally renowned with more than 200 publications, numerouse awards, and many local, national, and international collaborators.

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  • M.S., University of Minnesota, 0 0 1977
  • Ph.D., University of Washington, 0 0 1982
  • B.S., University of Wisconsin, 0 0 1973


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