Technology Development

Technology Development and the Innovation Incentive

Oregon Health & Science University is Oregon's foremost research university in the health science and the state's only academic medical center. Through the efforts of its world-class faculty, OHSU has advanced medical science with innovative new technologies that contribute to the health and well-being of Oregonians and people everywhere.

TTBD is a leader in technology transfer, creating new partnerships and business opportunities that support the research community and share the benefits of university discoveries with the public through the commercial marketplace.

However, no matter how promising a discovery may be, it faces challenges in bridging the gap between laboratory and commercial opportunity. Many of the risks associate with a new discovery can deter further research and/or financial investment.

TTBD works to close that gap, by expanding licensing opportunities, developing research and business collaborations and supporting startup companies. Through strategic partnerships with industry and the business community, OHSU is bringing discoveries to market.

OHSU's groundbreaking Bioscience Innovation Program (BSIP) has created a resource for philanthropic support of promising research discoveries and the technology development process. The project is so innovative that is was used as the model for Oregon's statewide University Venture Development Fund.