Peter Kurre, M.D.

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Dr. Kurre's laboratory investigates hematopoietic stem cell biology with a focus on developing therapies for inherited marrow failure. The long-term goal for his research is to improve the understanding of bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cell function and advance the efficiency of viral vector systems for their genetic correction. The laboratory has long-standing experience in retrovirus biology.

Selected Publications

"Cell- Cell Transmission of VSV-G Pseudotyped Lentivector Particles," PLoS ONE (Vol: 8, Issue: 9, ) - 2013

"Fetal origins of hematopoietic failure in a murine model of Fanconi anemia.," Blood (Vol: 121, Issue: 11, Page 2008-2012) - 2013

"Immune markers of disease severity and treatment response in pediatric acquired aplastic anemia," Pediatric Blood and Cancer (Vol: 60, Issue: 3, Page 455-460) - 2013

"RNA trafficking by acute myelogenous leukemia exosomes," Cancer Research (Vol: 73, Issue: 2, Page 918-929) - 2013

"Vesicle trafficking and RNA transfer add complexity and connectivity to Cell-cell communication," Cancer Research (Vol: 73, Issue: 11, Page 3200-3205) - 2013


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503 346-0640 or 877 346-0640

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