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Summary of Current Research

Dr. Coussens was recently awarded two sequential Era of Hope Scholar Awards from the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program. She also recently received a Susan G. Komen Promise Grant to conduct, in conjunction with Drs. Shelley Hwang and Hope Rugo of UCSF, a multi-center clinical trial to evaluate novel therapeutic approaches emerging from her research on the tumor microenvironment. Awards made through the Promise grant mechanism are for research programs identified as having significant potential to reduce breast cancer incidence and/or mortality within a decade.

At OHSU, Dr. Coussens will expand this research program in ways that focus both on improving outcomes for cancer patients and on supporting a highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary scientific culture at OHSU. Her recruitment is a key element in meeting the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s strategic plan and supports the vision of the School of Medicine Research Roadmap – both of which are, in part, designed to enhance scientific creativity, translational success and collaboration across our missions and units.

Selected Publications

"B cells and their mediators as targets for therapy in solid tumors," Experimental Cell Research (Vol: 319, Issue: 11, Page 1644-1649) - 2013

"Cathepsin C is a tissue-specific regulator of squamous carcinogenesis," Genes and Development (Vol: 27, Issue: 19, Page 2086-2098) - 2013

"Dendritic cells, inflammation, and breast cancer," Cancer Journal (United States) (Vol: 19, Issue: 6, Page 511-516) - 2013

"Neutralizing tumor-promoting chronic inflammation: A magic bullet?," Science (Vol: 339, Issue: 6117, Page 286-291) - 2013

"Neutralizing tumor-promoting chronic inflammation: A magic bullet? (Science (286))," Science (Vol: 340, Issue: 6127, Page 1522-) - 2013


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