Tomi Mori, Ph.D.

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Cancer clinical trials, statistical methods for biomarker studies, analysis of high-throughput genetics/genomics studies, survival analysis, analysis of correlated data.

Selected Publications

"Agent Orange as a risk factor for high-grade prostate cancer," Cancer (Vol: 119, Issue: 13, Page 2399-2404) - 2013

"Association between documented family history of cancer and screening for breast and colorectal cancer," Preventive Medicine (Vol: 57, Issue: 5, Page 679-684) - 2013

"Comparison of antibiograms developed for inpatients and primary care outpatients," Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease (Vol: 76, Issue: 1, Page 73-79) - 2013

"Documentation and management of CKD in rural primary care," Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (Vol: 8, Issue: 5, Page 739-748) - 2013

"Fusion between Hematopoietic and Epithelial Cells in Adult Human Intestine," PLoS ONE (Vol: 8, Issue: 1, ) - 2013


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